Indian Bridal Jewellery & Wedding Accessories

Indian Bridal Jewellery & Wedding Accessories


Welcome to our exquisite collection of Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets, where tradition meets elegance. Our curated selection features stunning bridal jewelry sets designed to make every bride shine on her big day. From intricate necklace sets and dazzling maang tikkas to elegant nose rings and choker sets, we offer a wide range of bridal jewelry to suit every taste.

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Indian bridal jewelry is renowned for its rich history and cultural significance. Our collection showcases a variety of styles, including traditional gold, antique designs, and contemporary pieces, ensuring that every bride finds her perfect match. Whether you're looking for a gold-plated chain, a diamond necklace, or a traditional earings, you'll find it here.

We understand the importance of looking your best on your wedding day, and our bridal sets are crafted to perfection to enhance your beauty. Each piece is made with the finest materials, including gold, diamonds, and pearls, reflecting the timeless beauty of Indian jewelry.

Our Indian Bridal Jewellery Sets are now available in the UK, United Kingdom & US, making it easier than ever to find the perfect accessories for your special day. 

Explore our collection and discover the right piece that complements your bridal attire and makes you feel like a queen.

Variety of Indian Bridal Jewellery in UK & US

Our collection of Asian Bridal Jewellery offers a stunning variety of pieces, each designed to enhance the beauty and elegance of the bride. Here's a glimpse of the different types of jewelry included in our collection:

Necklace Sets

Our necklace sets are a perfect blend of traditional and modern designs. Each bridal necklace is crafted to add a touch of elegance to your bridal attire. From delicate gold chains to intricate diamond necklaces, our collection has something for every bride.

Maang Tikka

The maang tikka is a quintessential part of Indian jewelry. Our selection features beautifully designed pieces that sit gracefully on the forehead, adding a royal touch to your look.

Nose Ring

Our collection includes a range of nose rings, from simple studs to elaborate designs. Each piece is crafted to complement your overall bridal look, adding a touch of traditional charm.

Choker Sets

Choker sets are a popular choice among Indian brides. Our collection includes a variety of choker designs, from traditional kundan to contemporary styles, ensuring you find the perfect match for your bridal outfit.

Rani Haar

The Rani Haar & mala, known for its regal appearance, is a statement piece in our collection. These long, layered necklaces are perfect for adding a touch of grandeur to your bridal look.

Polki Sets

Our Polki sets feature uncut diamonds set in intricate designs. These sets are perfect for brides who want to make a bold and beautiful statement on their big day.

Each piece in our collection reflects the rich heritage and tradition of Indian bridal jewelry. From dulhan jewellery to the latest bridal collections, we offer a wide range of options to ensure you find the perfect jewelry for your big day.

What sets Jewellery By Mash Apart?

Handmade craftsmanship: Each piece is a labor of love, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

Use of precious and semi precious stones:  These masterpieces are crafted with the finest quality precious stones and materials of brass, ensuring optimal comfort and satisfaction for our clients.

With brass as the primary material for gold plating, we guarantee durability and reliability in every aspect of our design.

Our commitment to excellence extends to the selection of materials, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics to deliver a product that exceeds expectations. Rest assured, our attention to detail ensures a superior experience for our valued customers.

Regional variations: From the bold statement pieces of the North to the delicate intricacies of the South, each region boasts its own unique style.

Symbolic significance: Each piece carries cultural and personal meaning, making it more than just an ornament.

Whether you're a bride-to-be seeking your perfect adornment or simply appreciate the beauty of these cultural treasures,Indian bridal jewellery sets offer a glimpse into a world of rich tradition, exquisite craftsmanship, and timeless elegance.

Unique Designs and Premium Materials in Indian bridal jewellery sets

Our collection of Indian Bridal Jewellery stands out not only for its exquisite designs but also for the premium materials used in crafting each piece.

We take pride in offering jewelry that combines traditional artistry with modern elegance, ensuring every bride feels unique and beautiful on her big day.

Gold Jewellery

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth and prosperity in Indian culture. Our gold jewellery pieces are crafted with precision and care, featuring intricate designs that range from simple elegance to elaborate opulence.

Whether you prefer a classic gold chain or a stunning gold-plated bridal necklace or Rings, our collection offers a variety of options to suit your style.

Diamond Necklace and Earrings

For brides who desire a touch of luxury, our diamond necklace and diamond earrings are the perfect choice. These pieces are designed to sparkle and shine, adding a glamorous touch to your bridal ensemble.

Each diamond is carefully selected and set to create breathtakingly beautiful jewelry that captures the light and attention.

Traditional Kundan Pearl and Gold in UK

Traditional kundan jewelry is renowned for its elaborate craftsmanship and timeless beauty. Our collection includes kundan pearl and gold pieces that feature intricate designs and beautiful settings.

These pieces are perfect for brides who want to embrace traditional Indian jewelry with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Temple Jewellery

 Inspired by the divine and often used in religious ceremonies, our temple jewellery pieces are rich in symbolism and artistry. These pieces often feature motifs of gods and goddesses, making them a spiritual addition to your bridal attire.

The detailed craftsmanship and traditional designs make temple jewellery a unique choice for brides who want to honor their heritage.

Our jewelry collection in United Kingdom is not limited to traditional colors; we offer a wide range of hues to match any bridal outfit.

From the rich tones of emerald green, blue, and purple to the classic elegance of black and the subtle charm of bronze, our pieces are available in various colors to complement your look.

Whether you're looking for a green Indian jewellery set, a black Indian jewellery set, or an emerald sets Indian jewellery, we have something for everyone.

Special Features of Our Bridal Jewellery Sets

Our collection of Jewellery is distinguished by its special features and intricate designs, making each piece a work of art. Here’s a closer look at the unique elements that set our bridal jewelry apart:

Gold Plated Chains

Our gold plated chainsare crafted to offer the richness of gold without the hefty price tag.

These chains are designed with durability and elegance in mind, ensuring that they retain their shine and luster for years to come.

Perfect for brides who want to add a touch of gold to their look without overwhelming their attire.

Traditional Pearl Designs

Pearls have always been a symbol of purity and grace. Our traditional pearl designs feature beautifully arranged pearls set in gold and kundan settings.

These pieces add a touch of sophistication and timeless beauty to any bridal ensemble, making them a favorite among brides who appreciate classic elegance.

Bridal Set Stone Designs

Our collection boasts an array of bridal set stone designs, each meticulously crafted to enhance the bride’s natural beauty.

These designs incorporate various gemstones and precious stones, set in intricate patterns that reflect light and add sparkle to your wedding look.

From vibrant rubies to sparkling diamonds, our stone designs are truly captivating in UK & USA.

Bridal Jewellery Design Variations

Understanding that every bride has her unique style, our collection includes a wide range of  design variations.

Whether you prefer traditional motifs or contemporary styles, you’ll find pieces that resonate with your personal taste.

From elaborate dulhan jewellery to minimalistic and elegant designs, we offer something for every bride here in England & America.

Hair and Hand Jewellery

To complete your bridal look, we offer a stunning selection of Indian bridal hair jewellery and hand jewellery in united kingdom.

Our hair jewelry includes beautifully designed maang tikkas and headpieces that add a regal touch to your hairstyle.

Meanwhile, our hand jewelry collection features exquisite bangles, haathphools, and rings, each crafted to adorn your hands with elegance and grace.

Our bridal jewelry is not just about beauty; it’s about the intricate details and craftsmanship that go into each piece.

Every item in our collection is designed with a deep understanding of Indian traditions and modern bridal trends, ensuring that you find jewelry that complements your style and enhances your natural beauty.

Explore our collection and discover the special features that make our Indian Jewellery truly exceptional.

Bridal Elegance 

Discover the bridal elegance and craftsmanship with our exclusive collection of Mehru, Jahan aara, farzeen, heer, Nooreh and other sets available on our website.

Each piece is meticulously crafted with precision, boasting high-quality stonework that radiates sophistication. Adorned with exquisite 24K Gold Plating, brass, our collection embodies luxury and timeless beauty. 

More Than Just Jewellery, They Are Heirlooms in the Making

At Jewellery by Mash, we understand that your wedding jewellery is more than just an adornment; it's a cherished heirloom, a symbol of your love story, and a piece of your family's legacy. That's why we go beyond creating stunning pieces; we craft jewellery imbued with meaning and sentiment.

Each set in our collection carries cultural and personal significance. 


How To choose the right bridal jewellery set for herself?

Our expert team is here to guide you! We consider your cultural background, personal style, wedding theme, and desired level of grandeur to help you find the perfect set that complements your entire look

Do You offer international shipping for bridal jewellery sets?

Yes, we do! We ship our exquisite pieces worldwide, ensuring your dream jewellery arrives safely and securely wherever you are.

With Jewellery by Mash, your happily ever after begins with a dazzling adornment.

P.S. We're confident you'll find the perfect jewellery to make your bridal dreams a reality.